Juan Mario “Mayito” Aracil | En Español

juan mario aracil bioThose immersed in the Latin music scenes are well aware of the musical genius of Juan Mario “Mayito” Aracil, a 28 Year old young man with a growing force in the industry.
With four Grammys and over 25 nominations, he is no stranger to entertainment excellence. His engineering can be seen in the albums of stars such as Marc Anthony, Luis Enrique, Ricardo Arjona, Mana and many others. His Recording Studio “Gml Recording Studios” has been the house of many great productions.

But this is only the beginning for this brilliant young Engineer, Dj and Producer. Born in Cuba, childhood was not easy for Juan Mario. His parents wanted more for their family, and when he was just 11, they made the move to the United States. Growing up in Hialeah, Florida, Juan Mario discovered a great passion and talent for music. At an early age he began playing the piano and unearthed a love for disc jockeying. He landed a DJ position at world-renowned Mango’s nightclub on South Beach, as early as age 16.

He created a strong bond with Mango’s front man, Raul Acosta, which has continued to grow for 13 years. He developed his expertise in diverse genres and styles, excelling in Latin, Hip Hop and Open Format. His abilities enabled him to earn his way through college as a DJ, furthering his education at Miami-Dade Community College and the University of Miami. His drive and dedication often had him working long into the night, leaving work at 5 am to head to class by 7. As soon as he was able, he created a small studio in his home, with the unfailing support of his mother, Lourdes and Felix.

While earning his Degree in Engineering, Juan Mario met one person who would change the entire game for him: Sergio George. As one-time Vice President of A&R at Univision, record label owner of Top Stop Music, and one of the entertainment industries premiere salsa and Latin producers, Sergio opened doors for Juan Mario to work with countless artists and celebrity musicians. The two developed a friendship, and Sergio, recognizing incredible ability, soon began to count on Juan Mario for the engineering of dozens of albums and projects. Through Sergio, Juan Mario has worked with artists such as Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Chayanne and many others. His work catapulted to national acclaim through three Grammys with Luis Enrique and one Grammy with Albita.

Juan Mario’s first home recording studio gave way to bigger visions. He now is the Chief Engineer at Top Stop Music, One of the most successful labels in the Latin industry. He also owns a state-of-the-art GML Studio in Miami with his business partner, renowned vocal coach and producer, Guianko Gomez.

Endlessly talented, his options and possibilities in entertainment and production continue to expand. Juan Mario “Mayito” Aracil is a one-man army of raw energy and brilliance. His inescapable potential raises the stakes for the entire industry. The world has barely begun to see what he is truly capable of.